A provocative comment on Norwegian science.

05.07.2017 13:15

Lately it has been writing on Norwegian science, that is manipulated, not being published, funding being withdrawn, to silence negative research on Norwegian farmed salmon. The fishery minister is said to have stocks in the fish farming industry, being implied to make rules for his/her own benefit. Examples are the Norwegian link  


and its links to further reading. We believe this to be true as the fishery minister wants higher limits for poison in the Norwegian farmed salmon and that negative research on the matter has been silenced.


The most important for farmed salmon (oppdrett in Norwegian) is the water temperature and currents that move away sea lice, fertilization, pharmacy, and other soluble waste. The problem is that the currents dump the waste somewhere, most likely in the Arctic Ocean. How is the waters temperature capacity and conductivity changed, how much fertilization can the Arctic sustain? We know that the ice is shrinking. Is Norwegian farmed salmon in part guilty to changed conditions in the Arctic, or is it only global warming?


There is a program about food fixers on the television, where unhealthy food is made healthy by being transformed to something desirable via advertising. One example can be fish from the Baltic Sea. It is recommended if you are pregnant that you should not eat fish from the Baltic Sea, and if you plan to be pregnant in the future you should only eat fish from The Baltic two or three times a year. You would think that there is no fishing in the Baltic but this is not true. Most catch in the Baltic is processed to pellets, to food for farmed salmon, where fish oil and poison are refined. Suddenly is it ok to eat fish from the Baltic Sea, sorry farmed salmon. Cinderella has waved her magical wand and taken away harmful levels of poison in the Norwegian farmed salmon. 


It is strange that Norway is spending large sums of money when the return can vanish over night, put all in one basket. Norwegian farmed salmon is not immune to itself. Our decision is not to eat farmed salmon, even that advertising says so.


It is not only the fish farming industry that corrupts Norwegian science and laws of nature. In the revision document for Surna Statkraft claims that the water temperature has no effect on the development of juveniles in the river. The water temperature is perhaps the most important factor to survival and spread of the salmon and other fish, we learn in school that the fish is cold-blooded (ectothermic). We believe that Statkraft trust that the decision makers do not understand, and that Statkraft can deny a nature law. We can also see that Statkraft change in reports that they fund and reference. It is by law that Statkraft shall pay for research on their power production but they twist results as their own property. 


We do not trust Norwegian research, the confidence is gone. Significance of science and investigative journalism are diluted.


Is it possible in a democracy, in the Norway we love?


Picture of currents in the Norwegian Sea.