A scenario worth looking into.

13.08.2017 14:46

We hear that global warming makes the ice of the Arctic Sea shrink. But the speed of the ice disappearing is not anticipated so there can be something more that alters conditions. We believe it is sea farming. Simple calculations suggest that the below scenario shall be scientifically assessed.

We learn at school that without the warm Gulf Stream we in Northern Europe would have a colder climate, shorter summers and harder winters. The sea farming depends at large on two matters, that the temperature range is good for fish growth and that currents move away sea lice, fish excrements and other waste. The water of the Gulf Stream is saltier and heavier than the sweat water from the Arctic but colder water is heavier than warmer. This explains the pump of the Gulf Stream, called down welling. When the initially upper layer salt water of the Gulf Stream is cold enough it becomes heavier than the colder water from the Arctic, and sinks down under the sweet water. This basically happens in the Greenland Sea and south west with the polar front to the island of Jan Mayen. If the Arctic ice disappears not enough sweet water comes from the Arctic Sea and down welling can discontinue, the Gulf Stream disappears.

What have sea farming to do with this? We believe that fish excrements (a fertilizer), sea lice and other waste from the sea farming industry, run with the Norwegian Current into the Arctic Sea, being dumped there, increase the heat content and capacity of the water, and contribute to melting of the Arctic Ice. When the ice disappears the salt content in the Arctic Sea increases making it harder for ice to form as saltier water has a lower melting point. The effect is not small as the melting point is a threshold value. Therefore we believe that sea farming will outgrow itself, but at the same time destroy our climate and way of living.