A Wine Collection.

25.06.2018 08:01


A Wine Collection.

There were X1, X2, and Y, and they were all ‘gentlemen and best friends’. Y was the lady to X1. It was well known around the Flat Lake area that there were indeed some very fine bottles in X1:s wine cellar, and that they were nursed almost to infinity.

One day X1 went to a seminar, and X2 and Y started to make plans. They wetted off the labels of some fine bottles from the collection, took copies of them and glued the copies on empty bottles (off cause Bordeaux labels on Bordeaux bottles, etc.). The original bottles were hidden and the empty bottles casually placed here and there in the house. X2 and Y expected X1 to come home around midnight and were waiting in their beds for matters to begin.

At midnight they herd the main door slam. After a while some clinking, some more and then some very load clinking. Suddenly the bedroom door bust wide open and X1 was shouting:

‘What more have you done with him?’