About messages.

29.03.2018 11:47

We receive messages in different forms. Some in a language we don’t understand, some with a dubious message and some were we don’t know the senders intention. Don’t get us wrong, we do love messages like ‘I love looking through your internet site'. Thank you so much!’ However here the sender is allformen.se and some in our surrounding think of the Norwegian magazine called Vi Menn and other stuff, and take this offending. Rather than to fence badly we run away to fight some other issue and remove such messages. Also the matter of security; to sites we don’t know we remove the link

It has been pointed out that we include 'Vårvisa' in the News and that it is not consistent with our thoughts above. 'Vårvisa' was written over 100 years ago by our great poet Fröding, perhaps to his nurse Signe at Uppsala. It was also red by Löwet at a happening at Faksnes and we consider it today to be culture.