About NVEs answer to Fiskeraksjonen on February 27 2017.

09.03.2017 17:42

About NVEs answer to Fiskeraksjonen on February 27 2017 [NVE B.pdf (66,2 kB)].


 There are two issues that we react on:


1. We would like to emphasize what NVE wrote in its letter of decision for the revision [Beslut_revisjon.pdf (400,4 kB)]:

NVE writes that improvements of environmental and natural conditions are the major concern for the revision. ‘En rekke andra forhold’ [NVE B.pdf (66,2 kB)], other considerations should thus be of secondary concern.


2.  It can be understood that flow and duration of minimum water and floods can be dickered politically but they are scientific ecological threshold values. Either there is biological diversity or not, the tangent or trend against loss of salmon and diversity must be stopped. There should be salmon in the National Salmon River Surna, appointed by the Norwegian Parliament, when the revision is up again after 30 years according to Vassdragsreguleringsloven [Beslut_revisjon.pdf].