Are we fishermen guardians of salmon or just a flock of sheep?

18.12.2015 14:54

If we look at ourselves it is not obvious. We know that we shall manage the river for diversity, not productivity. Do we justify fishing by accepting short time decisions for productivity?

Why do we treat the salmon different from other animals, say the deer? Do we apply Catch and Release on the deer, do we shoot it with paintball or do we hunt it to exhaustion, when most hinds would abort spontaneously? Why do we think CR does not affect the salmon when a major task for the migrating salmon is to avoid oxygen dept in the ovum? When land cannot sustain we normally stop harvesting, why do we not manage the salmon according to the same ecological principles?

It is clear that authorities manage rivers so we can spend time and money on fishing, not for a diverse river? The problem is that we accept it, like a flock of sheep?

Provocative these questions are, master Yoda would have said.