More about the strategy of Statkraft!

15.02.2018 13:44


We wrote earlier about Statkrafts strategy in revisions.


In free English we wrote:

‘We have an example of Statkrafts strategy for revisions. It can explain the revision document for Trollheim kraftverk of Surna. We must protect the source so you have to verify yourself. Probably, from here comes the myth that you can improve the water environment without the production base for water power becomes less, that we have won on the Lotto because Surna is a perpetual motion machine. The below we believe is Statkrafts own words.

Statkrafts goal with the revision is to accomplish environmental improvements that result in no reduction of the production base for water power production.

We will initially go against any minimum water or restrictions on HRV and LRV.

NVE has stated that no revision of conditions for a regulation can be decided so the concession not can be used in full.’

Last night there was a TV program on tobacco where the cigarette maker Philip Morris’s strategy was to spread doubt on exposure research, that more research was needed and to discredit the scientist. The purpose was to slow down the process so nothing happened, so no decision was taken and they could continue to earn money on people’s misfortune. This is a type of management, see to that no regulation lowers the bonus and let the public take the heat. Does it sound familiar?

We would like to add the matter of postponing a decision to Statkrafts strategy. Thereby they can continue to use the 50 years old conditions for the regulation and meanwhile the Surna deteriorate. It is now nearly 6 years since NVE decided on a revision of the conditions for Folla-Vindölaregulerigen in the river Surna.