Our comment concerning the last News?

04.03.2016 13:41

Norway is not given the chance to vote on questions to its choice because they are hidden during the selection campaign for government, and cannot in practice be raised between selections because they are ignored, delayed or suppressed in the handling. When the selection is von, the governing politicians give instructions to Norway. Some instructions violate the Norwegian constitution and laws.

Questions can be raised during the campaign for government, the result cannot be ignored. A generation shift and internet can bypass the smokescreens, balance those that think capital justifies a democratic deficit.

Questions like:

  1. How much of Norway’s natural resource can be used before Norway is lost?
  2. The future of the fish farm industry, what harm does it to Norway?
  3. Why export power to Europe, it will give an expensive European price for Norway?
  4. Optimized water power production destroys the biological diversity in the valleys. Shall there be a living countryside or shall consumption and richness be in the cities?


That you can do nothing is rubbish, planted by those that benefits from it.