The politicians of Norway.

25.02.2016 16:14


  The below is a short summary of e-mails we have received the last months. We do not agree to all but think some are worth a thought, as always you conclude yourself. This site is for Surna but most e-mails this month are about Politicians and the Fish Farming Industry. We have tried to be moderate, the received e-mails were more to the point.


  ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.’

Stephen G. Tallentyre (Evelyn Beatrice Hall), from the Voltaire-biography ’The Friends of Voltaire’.


Comment 160226.

We should not have been involved in politicians and fish farms, certainly not in the history of Norway. The answers have been condemning, we have been called idiots and more. It is the first historical piece that people are against, the other pieces about democratic deficit, violated constitution and the Norwegian Coast Stream are agreeable to most. Therefore we change the first piece from yesterday and place it last, beginning 'Some facts´. This ends our short travel in Norwegian history.


  Can a Prime Minister be punished other than be balloted? Hers, or his, task is to govern Norway according to the constitution. It states that Norway shall be passed on unharmed to next generations. Clearly, Norway is badly harmed and divided, and the government should be in court.


  Do you believe the Fish Farming Industry can go onshore? Forget it, it is just a smokescreen. If this happened many could outperform the Norwegian Fish Farms. Norway is dependent on the right temperature for the fish growth and that the Norwegian Coast Stream carries away soluble skit, toxin and medicines. This make Norwegian Farmed Fish cheap, go onshore and this advantage disappear. Where goes the skit carried by the stream? We assume that Bentsen knew when Sellafield had a leakage. Later radioactivity from Sellafield was discovered in Eskimos. It is easy to assume that skit, medicaments and toxin from the Fish Farming Industry takes the same rout, around the Arctic Sea, going south beside Greenland and into the Atlantic upon Iceland and Great Brittan. Towns must clean their pollution but the Fish Farming Industry can continue to pollute the seas. Norway is polluting not only itself but the Arctic and the Atlantic, including countries like Russia. This makes the Fish Farm Industry a very risky and dangerous venture. However, all approved by Norway so the capital is not accountable.


  How do you kidnap a state? One way is not to show your intensions in the selection campaign, certainly not your true face. Then, it is straight forward for the secretaries of state to translate the laws to instructions. If newspapers do not conform see to that important advertising is withdrawn. Their leadership is totally money driven and the journalist is not the caretaker of democracy anymore, the difference between a journalist, a scientist and a media consultant is not clear. To sum up: Make sure that the citizens do not vote on essential matters, only on smokescreens. It is called a democratic deficit.


Some facts about ‘Tysktöser' (a Norwegian girl that was together with a German soldier): The street parliament against ‘tysktöser’ was present where the country had been occupied by Germany during WWII. It continued some month after the German surrender in towns like Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Oslo. An investigation concluded that one tenth of the mob was known to the polis and that alcohol was involved. It also mentioned that some had the need to position them self, to not be considered striped. The mobs motive was sometimes questioned but a strong hatred was present, some see it as casualties of war. It is the Norwegian governments handling of ‘tysktöser’ that we question as a violation of democratic values. Norway and Denmark had prison camps for ‘Tysktöser’. In Norway the citizenship was taken away when a Norwegian girl was married to a German and she was deported. Other collaborators were sentenced through the courts, had a lawyer. ‘Tysktöser’ was not given the opportunity to defend them self; their rights abused as they had committed no legal crime. Their children ‘tyskebarn’ was not wanted in Norway, had a worse grow up and lower standard. Many years later, year 2000, Prime Minister Bondevik made an official excuse for Norways treatment of ‘tyskebarn’.

This was the atmosphere where that kind of thoughts could prosper, even be adopted by the government. One has to be quite hard and stubborn to enforce this in peacetime, even damaged. Perhaps a generation from these people still has a say, still are thinking that the country has unlimited natural resources and that Norway is dependent upon their stubbornness. A generation shift is needed, a democratic deficit is not justified by the building of capital.