What now?

11.04.2018 10:32

ACER looks to be the route in Norway, and while matters are settled revisions of a river regulation are postponed in OED. Those who prepare documentation for the decision of ACER know from results from other power lines to Europe that not much electricity will be exported, each country to its own. The matter is to be hooked up so there can be more European like prices in Norway on electricity. Prices can’t be too high because Norway mainly has direct electrical heating witch demands three times the electricity and is not as flexible as say water based heating, or can they? Many new houses are still delivered in Norway with direct heating? The real purpose is to postpone revisions of regulations so someone can continue to earn bonus on 50 years old conditions while Surna and other rivers continue to deteriorate, mainly from effect running. The matter of investigating, implementing and reorganization takes time and are well known administrative tools to delay a decision, like the Phillip Morris method.